Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Novel

small-town-witch-kindle-sm.jpgRosamunde believed that she had the perfect life. A happy family, a close group of friends, second chair clarinet in the school orchestra and the power of witchcraft at her fingertips. Her greatest worry was what to wear to the next party in the Faerie Court.

But all of that was about to change when she learned that her perfect family was not so happy after all.

Rosa lives in Madrone, a small town in rural Calaveras County, California. She's surrounded by majestic giant sequioa and magikin: people with magical powers. Something about the area has attracted more than the usual number of dwarves, faeriekin, kitsune, naga, and other unusual creatures. In this parallel to modern day where magic is out in the open, humans and magikin still have trouble learning to get along.

Read more about Rosa's magical adventure. Explore the website for an excerpt, deleted scene, information on the characters, and extras like a quiz to find out what kind of magikin you would be.

Now available on KindleNookKobo, and multiple formats on Smashwords, as well as paperback!

New: Character sketches!

Right now, there is a special bonus story for Small Town Witch in the works, in comic strip form. I wrote a script, and my friend, artist Captain Savvy, is working on the illustrations. Now she's shared the following character concept sketches with me. Click Rosa below to see the rest!